lockdown Even as the rules start easing up in India, we’ve all had to find ways and means of keeping ourselves, and those living with us, sane in the 50-odd days that we’ve been in a nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation has been no different for our stars and their loved ones.


From cooking together to playing board games to chatting hours on end via WhatsApp video calls, sibling revelry has held them in good stead. We spoke to four celeb siblings to find out more about their time in lockdown.

Yami Gautam on her time with sister Surilie Gautam

“Surilie has this uncanny ability to lighten up even the tensest moments with her humorous personality. During this lockdown period, we have been video calling each other twice—daily (the second call is usually with the whole family). She has been instrumental in keeping me sane during this crisis. There’s so much sadness around so she entertains me with some fun and sassy news, I don’t know how she creates this content every single day! My cooking skills have really been put to the test during the lockdown. Fortunately, for me, Surilie is a fantastic cook. Since we couldn’t call for sweets during the Navratras in April, she managed to teach me how to make halwa, laddoos and even barfi over the phone itself. Her tips and hacks have come in handy in the kitchen for sure.”

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Bhumi Pednekar on her time with sister Samiksha Pednekar

“Samiksha and I are best friends, partners in crime, companions and soulmates. We travel together, dream together and now, we are on this journey together as well. We have always spent a lot of time together, but not like this. Both of us are discovering new talents and new things about each other. Samu cooks well and I bake really well—we’ve been taking over the kitchen from our mom to make some yum meals. Samiksha is a lawyer and is clocking in full working hours and more. I’ve never seen her in her lawyer avatar. Seeing her hustle makes me so proud.”

Shamita Shetty on her time with sister Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa is my lifeline. As children, we fought a lot, but could not live without each other and it’s the same today. We’ve been spending a lot of quality time in this lockdown. I have been going over to her home every weekend—we play a lot of games like ludo, Monopoly, Uno, carrom, and end up watching a lot of movies. On other days, we speak every single day. Thank God for Zoom and WhatsApp video calls!”

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Huma Qureshi on her time with brother Saqib

“Since Saqib and I stay together, we’re very protective of each other. This lockdown has given us so much time to spend with each other, and I’ll be honest, some days are great, some days are hard but we try and keep it together. We miss our parents who are in Delhi, but we all catch up at some point in the day no matter what. We end up playing games online or then get some awesome recipes from my mum to cook for each other.”