The end of the pandemic is hopefully near. While the past year and a half has seen us working in blazers, sweatpants, it’s finally time to get our wardrobes office-ready. From Zooming into meetings in a work-from-home reality, we may have to step back into the workplace soon. But does that really mean we have to go back to a corporate wardrobe?

While the more casual wardrobes worldwide have allowed us to work in anything but pencil skirts and smart trousers, what will a hybrid wardrobe look like when we finally step back into a conference room? blazers

Blazers with Yoga Pants

Power casuals, as in blazers with yoga pants or smart jackets with joggers, are looking like the future we all deserve. Gen Z-er Shanaya Kapoor, whose debut begins filming in July, shows us how blazers can be worn in many ways by the modern working woman. These pieces have been on our radar for some time—after all, a little wistful browsing during the pandemic is warranted. Take a look at these sophisticated blazers and get down to business.

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This houndstooth printed black-and-white blazer is a must-have for your next meeting. Kapoor pairs it with a black bodysuit. The lengthened V-neck with the notched lapel collar is a sure way to let your entire outfit shine. It’s polished, with a bit of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

The classic black

There’s nothing that says formal as well as a clean black blazer. A single-buttoned one such as this makes for a relaxed statement piece as you head back to in-person work. Why have small pockets when this one has three? Kapoor puts it best when she calls it the “most capable-looking outfit”.

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Perfect fit

A fitted blazer is easy to style and level up your everyday attire. It lends shape to your ensemble with a more structured fit. By pairing it with a miniskirt, Kapoor adds a playful edge to the outfit.

Monochrome magic

A rose-tinted blazer with matching rose gold trousers is the outfit we’ve been waiting for. While the monochromatic look stays true to the business setting, the colour adds a splash of personality to a simple choice. Roll up your sleeves for effortless style.

Mood nude

This tan number needs little more to dress up your wardrobe. The corporate world is calling for soothing colours and easy fabrics. In linen this one is just what you need to channel casual Friday.

Turtleneck blazer with a keyhole cutout – The first thing you notice about this piece is the turtleneck blazer, which works well as a workwear staple because of its conservative yet modern approach. The best part? This piece has Shanaya’s unique take on office-wear that we think

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Shanaya Kapoor is showing us how

Shanaya Kapoor is the newest face of modern working womanhood. She’s a member of Generation Z and she knows that there are many ways to wear casual clothing in the office, whether it be blazers with joggers or smart jackets with yoga pants. If you want your professional wardrobe to keep up and appeal to this new generation of workers, we have 5 best-era Blazers for you! These pieces will make sure you can dress like Shanaya Kapoor at work without sacrificing style or comfort. Which one do you prefer?

There are so many ways to wear a blazer, and Shanaya Kapoor is showing us how. She’s the star of her own film debuting this July that will be set in modern-day New York City, but she still finds time to show you how to do it right on Instagram. From pairing with joggers for casual Fridays at work or adding some color by layering over an eye-catching dress for your next big event, there are plenty of opportunities to make these power pieces more versatile than ever before. Check out our list below of five best era blazers inspired by Shanaya’s style—no matter what look you’re going for today, they’ll help take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary