Gwyneth Paltrow’s Are there lines forming outside of that white barn door in Brentwood, California yet? ‘Cause goodness gracious, Gwyneth Paltrow is opening a goop pop-up shop. Just a week after it was announced that the company was moving its HQ from foggy London to sunny LA, the lifestyle guru posted an Instagram photo that suggests those bifold doors mark the spot of goop’s temporary storefront that will be open May 5-11. Umm… road trip, anyone?

Gwyneth Paltrow’s

The square-shaped teaser sparked some serious speculation from us here at Brit HQ about Paltrow’s potential picks for her first ever brick-and-mortar. We expect impeccably high levels of curation for whatever bits and bobs line the shelves, super sophisticated displays and possibly even a little help from her famous friends. Nicole Richie at the register? Tracy Anderson at checkout? Maybe only in our dreams. But if Gwynie wants to make at least some of them come true, she can promise us these five things to shop when we get there:

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1. Monogrammed Goods: goop’s shoppable section already has a stellar selection of customizable accessories, like starry Claire Vivier wallets and Bespoke home tea towels, and we’d love to see the store become a hive for personalization. Though who are we kidding, we’d probably settle for a test run of “gp” branded anything for half price.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s1
2. Her Besties’ Closets: Are we suggesting Paltrow turn her goop pop-up into a haute Buffalo Exchange? Why, yes we are. After peeping the goods from yesterday’s star-studded goop closet sale, you can’t blame us for wanting more, more, more of Beyonce’s crazy colorful closet (shoe size 8 1/2’s out there, save up!) or Miranda Kerr’s girly get ups.
3. Juice Bar: Shopping makes you thirsty and Paltrow’s the queen of green juice cleanses, so this wish list item seems kind of like a no brainer. Maybe there’s even a tiny outdoor garden hiding behind that barn door where customers can pick the kale leaves they’re about to blend to smithereens.
4. The Coolest Kids Kits: We hope that Paltrow will dedicate a section of the store to all things Apple and Moses-approved. Just imagine the chalkboard painted walls, modern mobiles and the gold poufs in the kiddie corner (or the room of my dreams?) We’re obsessed with these DIY kits that goop slings in its online shop. We can totally envision a little make space where kids can paint a tote bag or even an iPod case.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s2_
5. Gwyn’s $7,000 Backgammon Table:Paltrow flipped her game room and we flipped our lids at the lavender transformation. Not just because every item in it is totally gawkable, but also because every item is 100% shoppable. We hope she’ll display those unique pieces for shoppers to peruse, ‘cause we really want to get our hands on that $7,000 backgammon table.