In the midst of the ongoing #MeToo movement, actor Payal Ghosh claimed during an interview that filmmaker Anurag Kashyap tried to force himself on her. Kashyap has now responded to the allegations, while also taking a jibe  at actor Kangana Ranaut.

Anurag Kashyap

Although Anurag did not name Kangana, he left strong hints like bringing Bachchan family in the scenario (Jaya Bachchan-Kangana Ranaut row). In fact, Anurag started his thread of tweets by accusing a woman (most likely to be Kangana) of dragging other women (Ghosh) with her.

Soon after Ghosh’s allegation, Kashyap took to Twitter in defence. In a long thread posted in Hindi, Anurag wrote, “Wow, you tried to silence me since so long. No problem. While silencing me, you kept on lying so much that others got involved in the lie too. Keep some dignity, madam. All I want to say is that all the allegations against me are baseless.”

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He further added, “While accusing me, dragging my actors (Taapsee Pannu) and Bachchan family is next level. Madam, I got married twice. If that is a crime, then I’ll accept that I loved them a lot. Whether it is my first or second wife, lover, actresses, my team, or even the people I have met in public or privately – I never behave in the way accused, nor endorse it. Let’s see what happens further.”

In conclusion, Anurag wrote, “Your video (Payal’s) itself is proof of how much is true, rest assured I send you my prayers and love. Sorry for responding to your English accusations in Hindi.”

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More recently, Kangana and Anurag had taken a jibe at one another over ‘warrior’ comment. Anurag asked Kangana to fight war with China, after which she asked him to join Olympics, later asking when did he become stupid, claiming the filmmaker was clever when the two were friends.