Ayushmann Khurrana is all what a star should stand for. Charming, witty, talented and aware, this actor has pushed the envelope for his peers when it comes to taking on scripts that are both entertaining yet speak about a socially relevant subject. The handsome lad caught up with Filmfare for a quick chat recently. He answered six questions for us ranging from topics related to personal life as well as professional decisions. Scroll through and enjoy.
1. One habit of yours that irritates your wife Tahira Kashyap the most?
“That I am immersed in my work mostly. When I have free time I am just thinking about some script or something. So she wants me to just take a break at times. Even I want a break right now. I am still thinking what to do next?”

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2.  One thing you still tease or bully your brother Aparshakti about?
“He is very impulsive.  His first passion is football. He is more passionate about sports than acting.”

3.  One weirdest suggestion given to you about acting?
“Not to become an actor. I still remember after Roadies I spoke to this production person. I was like I want to go Mumbai to be an actor. He said,” “Ek aur ghar barbaad.” (laughs).4.    Which of your character’s reel problem would be your worst nightmare

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a)    Mudit’s erectile dysfunction from Shubh Mangal Saavdhan.

b)   Pretending to be a blind man just for money from Andhadhun.

c)    Or losing hair and going bald from your film Bala.

“I don’t have insecurities, so nothing is a nightmare. Hmmm… let me think. It’s Andhadhun. Of course, you are actually faking it. You are doing a duel life. That’s the biggest nightmare.”

5.    What scares you the most – Reviews, box-office numbers or a big Bollywood film clash with yours.
“Box-office numbers and reviews.”

6. Though now everyone wants to work with you, name one director you don’t mind texting for work.
“Zoya Akhtar.”