Carol Brown, who has a very impressive background as a celebrity makeup artist, now shares her secrets with all women in her new book "Natural to Knockout Makeup Beauty and You."

In her well-written guide, Brown offers insights into how facial anatomy, attitudes, exercise, nutrition, and inner beauty contribute to natural classic beauty. She offers specific help tips in applying makeup to accentuate individual facial features.

Carol Brown's career spreads across television, feature films, HBO movies, commercials, videos, print, editorial, photo shoots and theater. She has worked with countless celebrities including Usher, Terrance Howard, LL Cool J, Jane Fonda, Halle Berry, Queen Latifah, Jeffrey Wright, Brooke Shields, Vivica A. Fox. Carol has received 3 Emmy Awards and has been nominated 7 times for outstanding achievement in makeup artist.

A former member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS), International Association of Theatrical and Stage Employees (IATSE), and Aesthetics International Association (AIA). Carol has received 3 Emmy Awards and been nominated 7 times for outstanding achievement in makeup artist.

Carol was the founder and CEO of the Natural Empowerment Foundation (NEF), a non-profit 501c (3) dedicated to providing guidance to today's young women by implementing positive community interaction, and efforts to gain self-respect, positive self-image, principles, decorum, distinction and non-violence.

She has conducted makeup seminars, workshops, and lectures, as well as sponsored makeup, grooming, and self esteem events for under privileged youth, foundations that deal with women and substance abuse, foundations that deal with abused women and children and professional women's organizations.

In her book, Brown presents such detailed suggestions and instructions that I think "Natural to Knockout" would make an excellent textbook for use by cosmetology schools. She is a natural teacher with extensive knowledge about specific makeup techniques to enhance natural beauty that would be of high value for aspiring makeup artists.

Another valuable contribution made by Brown in her book is that she teachers how to improve appearance and achieve natural beauty without spending tons of money on makeup products. I found "Natural to Knockout" to be a very helpful tool and a one-of-a-kind makeup resource.

Source by Emory Daniels