Oh dear Gemini, the liveliest of the air signs. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, you are expressive, curious and highly intelligent—which means you know your Birkin from your book tote. You are adaptable and quick-witted; you’re completely versatile and as comfortable in your Lido sandals as you are in your Archlight sneakers. You’re also creative and open minded, you’ll give any trend a try. Your current obsession with late ’90s style icon Michael Jordan is becoming quite serious.


You have an adventurous spirit, and those Prada nylon bermuda shorts you’ve had your eye on are indeed a good investment. Alas, dear Gemini, we wish we could say it was all rainbows and (social) butterflies, but there are two sides to you. You can be a little indecisive sometimes (we dare you to try choose between the Burberry Kensington and Islington trench), and we’re not saying this happens often, but you can be unreliable from time to time. We know it’s not your fault though, you’ve already downloaded some foolproof ways to help keep you on track through Gemini season and beyond. Now if you’re wondering what to shop according to your key personality traits, scroll on as Vogue has you covered.

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You are social
You are ruled by Mercury, so you’re always the life of the party. You yearn to be at a fancy soiree sipping on champagne with your nearest and dearest, or on a date with your partner at an actual restaurant—you’ll even settle for a barbecue in your best tracksuit right now. But what will you wear post quarantine? You’ll need something fluid to support your full transformation into the social butterfly that you’ve always known you are, something to flit and flutter around the room, like this Scanlan Theodore dress, made for dancing and romancing.

You can be indecisive
Even though you are the most confident of the air signs, you sometimes find it difficult to make a decision. But fear not, you don’t need to decide between being practical and extra anymore, and you’ll never lose another pair of Airpods again when they’re tucked away safely in these Prada Airpod holders.

You’re always down for an adventure
No matter the weather, you are always keen to explore the great outdoors, love being at one with nature, and take pleasure in breathing in the fresh mountain air. So why not up the ante on your hiking look? Or if you classify walking to your car to then drive to your local coffee shop as an adventure, you do you, just make sure you dress the part.

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You are intelligent
Geminis crave knowledge and are always curious. So, why not subscribe to Vogue and become a Vogue VIP. You’ll never miss an issue, and you’ll receive the digital edition as well as unprecedented access to the world of Vogue. Take pride in being the first to know about incredible offers for VIP’s only, making you the envy of your friendship circle.

Light green and yellow are your colours
The chic packaging of this Vida Glow Marine Collagen really appeals to you, it looks great on your kitchen counter and you feel healthier just looking at it. But it’s what is on the inside that makes this pack of goodness so special. Pop these single use sachets into a smoothie, water or tea and you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling your best. Your hair will thank you, those luscious locks will look and feel healthier. Your skin will thank you, glowing from the inside out with a burst of hydration. Even your nails will thank you, looking and feeling stronger and healthier that ever. Win, win, win.

You can be impulsive
We’re all familiar with that feeling that you get when you just have to have something. You, lovely Gemini, are particularly gifted in the impulse buying department. Granted, it’s recently been all about updating your stable of comfortable sweatshirts or debating which of the cosiest house slippers you should invest in. However, with the easing of restrictions in many states and territories in Australia, it’s time to get dressed again. With these Tom Ford heels you’ll literally be putting your best foot forward everyday, that’s if you can remember what it’s like to walk in heels.