While in London shooting Vogue Australia’s May 2020 cover, captured by celebrated fashion photographer Josh Olins, Academy Award-nominated star Carey Mulligan was quizzed on her knowledge of Australia in a rather difficult game of trivia.


The 34-year-old English actress, who fronted our latest issue in a series of expertly-tailored Burberry, Rick Owens, and Simone Rocha designs styled by fashion director Christine Centenera, did her very best to identify Australian slang, as well as define the terms doona, flat white and grommet.

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Despite the fact that Mulligan incorrectly identified an Akubra as a dog and a Lamington as a beer, she was aware that Ned Kelly was an outlaw, not a fashion designer or former Prime Minister, and managed to recall which years she spent in Australia filming the role of Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

When quizzed on how many states there were in Australia, Mulligan guessed a total of 16. “I don’t know, I have no idea,” she said as she was informed that there were only six. “Oh no, six. There’s six. So big though!” she laughed with her hands on her head.

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While the star missed the date of the last Vogue Australia issue she covered by mere months—it was in January 2018, and she was photographed on a rooftop by Emma Summerton dressed in a number of show-stopping gowns—Mulligan later redeemed herself when she remembered Kylie Minoque’s surname, who she referred to as “the world’s most famous Kylie.”

Mulligan also knew that Olivia Newton-John starred opposite John Travolta in Grease, a baby kangaroo was called a joey, and the acronym AFL stood for Australian Football League. While she wasn’t able to name the capital of Australia or the country’s eastern-most point, we would say the actress did quite an outstanding job in the tricky game of trivia.