Kangana Ranaut has reacted to Pakistan getting 16 million doses of India-manufactured COVID-19 vaccine through Gavi. The actor-filmmaker took to her Twitter page and gave her two cents on made in India vaccines being provided to the neighbouring country. In her tweet, Kangana also mentioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the actor wrote, “Meaning Modi Ji is saying that Pakistan is also a broken part of India, there will be a BJP government soon.”

Kangana Ranaut

Ms Ranaut further stated, “Terrorists are not mine but people are mine only… ha ha ha Overwhelming…” Moreover, Kangana also praised PM Modi by tweeting, “Looking at the current situation in the country it can be said that BJP is not a political party any more it is a CULT and Narendra Modi is not just a leader anymore he is a RAGE ….”

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Kangana also tweeted, “At the cost of getting suspended I say in 2024 Modi will rejoin as PM #India_With_PM_Modi.”

She added, “He does not need us we need him, Akhand Bharat needs him, what he needs is probably a little break from all the hostility/negativity he receives on our behalf, he will be pleased to get that break but we need to make sure we get him again as our Prime Minister #India_With_PM_Modi.”

Ranaut’s further shared, “Two more terms and he will establish Bharat again as a great civilisation then he is free to do what he likes with his time until then we need every minute every breath of Modi Ji for dream Akhand Bharat, I am sure if all request he will consider this request #India_With_PM_Modi.”

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Meanwhile, ANI reported that Pakistan would get a total of 16 million free doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, being manufactured in India, through the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (Gavi) for inoculating 45 million people, officials told Public Accounts Committee (PAC), according to The Express Tribune.