Pieces of celebrity art have been around for such a long time that most people don’t even consider them to be something unique anymore. Artists become inspired by the world around them and when such a prominent part of that world is the presence of celebrities, you should expect to see quite a number of pieces of art made about those celebrities. Musicians have a special hold on the world because their music is something that inspires us greatly. Music always has been a great motivator, it’s something that we can carry around inside of us, singing it whenever we want to celebrate or need a pick-me-up.

We naturally end up idolizing those musicians that give us the music which makes us feel special. Portraits have been painted of these musicians for quite a long time. Often, these portraits are commission by the musicians or the record labels themselves and eventually end up as part of the album art. They were incorporated into the book that came with the album or somewhere on the cover, showing the world a portrait of the musician in a new light. They could be serious pieces or more humorous ones, but they certainly inspired the people who love the album.

Other works were often made for charity. You could find some of these pieces which became donated to charity, usually with a signature from the musician themselves on it. This made for a great piece of autographed art which could be auctioned off to raise money that could help those in need. Many musicians feel very passionately about certain charities and are happy to donate items which could be collectibles to help fundraisers for that charity.

Pieces of collectible art about musicians can also be found in the form of caricatures. These humorous drawings are often made about famous celebrities who generally visit certain restaurants. Those restaurants like to commemorate the fact that the musician visited the restaurant and instead of merely snapping a picture with that celebrity, they will make a humorous caricature about that person which they can autograph and then hang on the wall. While these collectibles normally remain in the restaurant and belong to part of their collection, an avid collector can sometimes find an opportunity to purchase these pieces of autographed art for a private collection.

Other collectibles can turn into a work of autographed art. Anything which has the potential to be placed into a frame or a glass case can be displayed as a work of art. Memorabilia from certain musicians has been turned into collectible works of autographed art which are proudly displayed as a part of someone’s art collection. Signed guitars from both The Beatles and Janis Joplin have famously been sold as works of musician collectibles and having pieces like this in your collection can be quite impressive as well as valuable. Any piece of autographed art from a musician would be a worthwhile contribution to your collection as they are not only impressive, but usually quite valuable as well.

Source by Victor Epand