Prank  It’s been almost a month now that everyone is locked inside their house so as to safeguard themselves and people around from the novel Coronavirus pandemic. The lockdown has been testing our patience, and we are somehow holding on before we burst. Everybody is running out of ideas as to how to spend time at home. While most of us are almost irritated now, our favourite celebrities are making sure to motivate us enough so that we do not lose it. As social media is flooded with several challenges to keep everyone entertained, the OG of reality shows, Prince Narula found a unique way to entertain himself at home.

Prank  Prince Narula, who is head-over-heels in love with Yuvika Chaudhary had decided to take their relationship to next level and had tied the knot on October 12, 2018. Prince and Yuvika are a classic example of jodi made in Bigg Boss. The two were destined to be together, with the reality show Bigg Boss just playing Cupid for the two. Ever since the two met in the reality show, their fans had started to ship them and fondly call them ‘Privika’. As the entire nation is under lockdown, Prince and Yuvika have decided to entertain each other and their fans too. Earlier it was Yuvika, who had shared a video showing the condition of husbands during the lockdown and now it is Prince, who has pulled a prank on his wife, Yuvika, leaving her miffed.

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On April, 15, 2020 Prince Narula took to his Instagram handle to share an IGTV video with his fans, where he could be seen playing a prank on wife, Yuvika, who initially could be seen listening to husband’s instructions seriously and later got miffed by the prank. Along with the IGTV video, Prince wrote, “Prank video have fun with my wife @yuvikachaudhary Video k baad mera kya haal hua dakheye is video main.” followed by laughing emoticons.

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As we mentioned earlier, Prince and Yuvika are locked in their home like any other person and are busy with their ‘Quarantine love’. Yuvika had taken to her Instagram handle on March 26, 2020 and had shared a funny video with Prince. In the video, she had taken a dig on how wives are making their husbands work because of the quarantine. The actress had captioned the video as “Quarantine love .