Anna Nicole Smith was well-known for remaining herself. She led a self-established extravagant, loving-each individual-moment way of life. She was frequently in the tabloids pertaining to her mood swings, slurring speech, alternatives of male companions, and higher-than-lifetime persona. Her unexpected dying, on February 8, 2007 (Anna Nicole Smith 2007), created the general public question who this voluptuous lady truly was.

Anna Nicole Smith, born Vickie Lynn Hogan, under no circumstances appeared to be delighted in her surroundings as a boy or girl. She would constantly modify her title (Anna Nicole Smith, 2007), making an attempt to be someone else. She applied this protection system to flee the emotional inhibitors existing in her childhood house. Anna’s fifty percent sister has noted that their father experienced sexually and physically abused Anna and her sisters (, 2007). Anna’s mom taken off her from that setting and ended up weak in a trailer park. Anna appeared often to want far better, and would do what she essential to achieve her objectives.

As explained in the Cognitive/ Social Principle (Kowalski & Westen, 2005), Anna felt that by creating a various persona, she would escape her truth and accomplish these plans of her final desire of stardom. She thought that by reflecting specific over-exuberant behaviors, she could obtain her pie-in-the-sky goals. Most anyone who watches tv would say that she strived to be the upcoming Marilyn Monroe. This is known as a behavioral-consequence expectancy (Kowalski & Westen, 2005). Self-efficacy expectancy clarifies that Anna realized that she was in management and capable of achieving these goals. She established higher particular plans in order to improve her lifetime into a aspiration she had always hoped would appear legitimate.

The Humanistic Idea points out that temperament is made by one’s surroundings and societal encounters. Rousseau clearly states (Kowalski & Westen, 2005), “male is born cost-free, but in all places he is in chains.” (pages 447-448). Anna was a compassionate, everyday living-loving particular person, but felt held back by modern society and economics. She uncovered employment in all do the job environments, from a chicken fry, to Wal-mart, to a strip club, in purchase to attain her objectives.

While performing at the hen fry, she wed a boy 1 calendar year youthful than she he was sixteen at the time. They divorced shortly just after she also had a son by this male. Anna Nicole commenced stripping at a club, when mailing in overall body photographs to Playboy Magazine (Anna Nicole Smith, 2007), hoping to get into the Hollywood scene. She was knowledgeable of her accurate self, but was eager to delve into a bogus self in get to escape her binds (Kowalski & Westen, 2005). She preferred to be approved and liked by all, basically. Anna achieved an oil tycoon while stripping, and married him decades later on. This relationship and marriage was incredibly controversial simply because the gentleman was eighty-nine at the time, she was only 20-seven. Quite a few, such as the man’s son, believed of Anna as a gold digger, but Anna said that she was self- enough and genuinely loved this gentleman (Goldman, 2001). Once again, Anna was producing a title for herself and placing herself into the tabloids. She was continually making an perfect self. The existence of an excellent self is the finish absorption of the phony self, and the complete suppression of one’s true requires and character (Kowalski & Westen, 2005).

Anna turned a widow only a person 12 months later. Her husband’s son took Anna to courtroom, blocking her from having any money. She demanded that she beloved him, and he liked her. He wished her to be taken care of (Goldman, 2001). The circumstance was nevertheless dancing in and out of the court technique at the time of Anna’s death.

Anna’s demise was unexpected to everyone. Even so, she did endure from despair continuously. She did not hide from the community the reality that she took antidepressants. She had been shown on television definitely mixing alcohol with antidepressants, slurring her speech and flailing her arms in the air (, 2007). Anna primarily experienced from despair near to her demise. She experienced shed her initially-born youngster, twenty yrs previous, and offered delivery to a daughter, just months prior to. Anna had not mentioned who her daughter’s father was this was discovered following Anna’s death (Anna Nicole’s Afterlife, 2007). Even though she wanted to paint the tabloids with her lifetime, Anna seemed to want this section of her life stored secret. It appeared that she wanted diverse for her new spouse and children.
The Humanistic principle very best supports Anna Nicole Smith’s identity. Her childhood was loaded with unavoidable cases of her atmosphere. Her adulthood was crafted on self-established drama and stardom. Anna buried her accurate self as a younger baby, renaming herself a number of instances until eventually eventually settling on Anna Nicole Smith. She was willing to share her ups and downs with the nation by means of the ever-honest tabloids, and by no means flinched when exploited. The a single trait Anna never ever did cover was her massive, loving southern coronary heart. She desired the planet to like and try to remember her for who she was and for what she came from.


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Source by Summertime Willis