Fashion-wise, the past decade was all about trends, and all our shopping choices revolved around what was hot. Expanding our wardrobes and being a ‘fashionista’ was the main goal. But with the current state of the world, it’s time we reflect on how our fashion choices impact the space we live in and to our lives. Here, the Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop team share their fashion and style resolutions for 2020.


While some want to be conscious shoppers and reduce their carbon footprint on this world, some are on the mission to create capsule closets to perfect a timeless style and some want to have more fun and play dress up. This writer’s resolution is to thrift, shop vintage and re-purpose old clothes. Not only will this help me reduces waste, but also assures me a fun and one-of-a-kind closet. Besides that, I always dress according to my mood- so another goal is to perfectly arrange my closet to be colour coordinated so that I save time while picking what I want to wear.

Anjana Sharma, Creative Head

“In 2020, I’d like to be more mindful about my shopping habits. So in place of every new item that I purchase, I would be recycling and upcycling old item from my wardrobe. This practice will also ensure I keep tabs on what I need or don’t need. I will also look at clothes swap opportunities”

Pragya Garg, Associate Digital Marketing

“My resolution is to put more thought into my outfit every morning. Sometimes life gets busy and you get into your comfort zone so this year I will try to experiment as much as I can. Right now I am loving pearls, polka and puff sleeves. I have my eyes on hot pink mules, a crisp white shirt and a beige overcoat for my next shopping spree. Also, I will try to utilise my clothing the most I can, so I will be mindful about what I shop and the environmental impact my shopping choices make in 2020.”

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Karishma Doshi, Editorial Coordinator

“My style resolution for 2020 is less is more! Keeping in mind the impact of consumerism on the environment, I have vowed to shop less and repurpose my old outfits. The things that I will buy henceforth will be minimal and versatile so as to reduce wastage while having maximum wearability. The idea is to create a capsule wardrobe in which all pieces can be paired with everything else; whether it’s for work or a party. My style sensibilities are slowly moving away from keeping up with trends set by fast fashion and more towards classic pieces.”

Priyanka Bimal, Fashion Writer

“On top of my 2020 style priorities is to take a break from neutrals and experiment a lot with colours. From bold neons to sedate pastels, I fancy that joy of browsing through a wardrobe that is arranged colour-wise. Besides that, I’ve understood that layering pieces are the heroes of every wardrobe. So, I’ll certainly invest more in them. And I’d like to focus more on accessorizing to anchor my style well.”

Shona Barua, Fashion Buyer

“I wear a lot of blacks, greys and white. My fashion-related resolution for 2020 is definitely wearing more prints and colour to the office. Adding to that, I would love to style it with quirky jewellery.”

Maya Roy, Senior Fashion Buyer

“My fashion resolution for the new year would be to get out of my comfort zone and experiment more with silhouettes and layering!”

Suhail Qureishi, Senior Store Operations

“I want to start fresh and move away from wearing plain shirts to incorporate prints into my closet. The idea is to be more experimental; and adventurous with my overall style.”

Roshni Verma, Fashion Writer

“In 2020, I wish to (finally) get rid of/stop hoarding clothes that I don’t wear, and don’t plan on wearing at all. This will also clear up space in the back of my closet for new and better outfits instead of the ones I’ve been holding on to since forever!”

Saumya Khandelwal, Associate Digital Marketing  

“To organise my wardrobe so I can actually find things that I haven’t worn in a long time. This is an old resolution, but I truly believe this is the year I will achieve it!”

Nitesh Kumar Pal, Senior Digital Marketing    

“My goal is to add the necessary classic essentials to my wardrobe. – A Black Formal Suit, Classic Black Shirt, Brown Moccasin Shoes and maybe more.”

Saurabh Mehta, Online Product Analyst

“My fashion resolution for 2020 is definitely to add more colours to the wardrobe, declutter some old ones and try to wear clothes my age.

P.S. – I have been told I wear shirts only! Not true! I have 2 t-shirts!”

Anshin Paliwal, Associate Vice President-Digital Marketing 

“I’m trying to streamline my wardrobe for 2020! Even though I like to keep things simple and safe by picking the proven combinations of clothing and footwear, as my new year resolution, I would like to add a few more options to what I own currently. I will up my formal game by including casual workwear blazers, add more solid t-shirts to my collection and try to match them up with chinos. Get some slip-on Sneakers to complete the look. P.S. – I’ve wanted to buy a smartwatch and I finally have a reason for the investment.”

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Priya Majmudar, Design Head 

“I think in 2020 I would want to move away from neutrals and bring a little colour in my wardrobe”

Revati Palshetkar, Senior Associate Design

“I think my fashion-related resolution for 2020 would be adding a few more chic looks to my closet.”

Anurag Neema, Chief Operating Officer

“I would like to get away from whites and blacks and experiment with more casual looks.”

Sonia Rijhwani, Senior Fashion Buyer

“I want to start looking through all the pieces in my wardrobe and wear everything in it. I will make it a practice to put more thought into my look, either every morning or prep the night before. Experimenting with my style is another thing I will focus on in 2020!”

Ankita Bedi, Digital Marketing Head

“My style resolution for 2020 would be to explore and try new styles like loose shirts, try and skip denims and wear more of loose pants and joggers which can be accessorised from work to dinner! My resolution would bend more towards skipping the classics, trying something new and experimenting with vibrant patterns and colours. Colours I’m looking out for are coral, electric blue, military green, ochre. “

Abhishek Ajit, Online Product Analyst

“My fashion resolution for 2020 would be to add more vibrant and refreshing colours to my wardrobe, experiment a little and move away from colours like red, black and blue.”

Abhishek Kothari, Associate Vice President – Online Product

“My style resolution for 2020 is simple but something that I think will make a big difference to my look. I want to add solid-hued linen shirts and a few well-fitted blue jeans for a consistent wardrobe. I also want to add to my sneaker collection.”

Abhinav Agarwal, Chief Business Officer

“I’ve been nudging towards a more sporty style since a while now. I want to include a sizeable collection of athleisure wear in my closet. My fashion resolution for 2020 is to invest in versatile joggers and jackets!”