Mom Since quarantine has left us little to do but cross off days on our calendars, hopefully you’ve noticed that we’re nearing Mother’s Day! Every year, we do something to show the moms in our lives how much we appreciate them, whether it’s serving them breakfast in bed, sending them flowers, or just calling them to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day. As for the moms who aren’t in our actual lives, but on the screens of our televisions, we show our appreciation by voting on Ranker’s list of Favorite TV Moms of All Time.


This list has been voted on by over 6,416 people across the country, which has given us all the information we need to determine the country’s Top TV Mom. While That 70s Show’s Kitty Forman may be #1 overall, our data shows that voters’ choices vary greatly across gender, age, and location. Here’s everything we know about the fictional moms America loves most.

Age 29 and Under:

Young people (anyone below 30) have The Cosby Show’s Clair Huxtable at the top of their list of TV moms. A full-time lawyer who balances home and work life, this groundbreaking TV mom played by Phylicia Rashad is exactly the right model of motherhood for younger people with a progressive outlook on family.

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Age 30 to 49:

Those who are a little older, between 30 and 49, ranked Carol Brady as their #1 pick. Though most people in this age group are a little young to have grown up around The Brady Bunch, the lasting influence of this sitcom explains why Florence Henderson’s character remains so fixed in the minds of TV fans.

Age 50 and Over:

Voters 50 and up picked a mom who’s actually a little later in TV history than Brady Bunch, Marion Cunningham of Happy Days. Maybe older voters feel that the show captured the experience of growing up in the 50s accurately — or maybe it’s just the charm of Marion Ross’s character.


Women had Clair Huxtable at #1, but they were more likely than men to pick fictional moms from drama shows like Miss Ellie Ewing (Dallas) and Annie Camden (7th Heaven).


Overall, our male voters ended up picking Marion Cunningham as their #1 TV mom. That being said, they were also more likely than their female counterparts to pick some moms that aren’t best known for being domestic or nurturing — take Arrested Development’s Lucille Bluth and Peggy Bundy of Married…With Children for instance.

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The West Coast

Sitting at the top of the list for those in California, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska is Angela Bower of Who’s The Boss? — that being said, the individual states in this region are split in different directions, with California preferring Carol Brady and Alaska loving Kitty Forman.

The Mountain West

The vast mountain west, stretching from Nevada to Kansas, from Idaho to North Dakota, has Kitty Forman at #1. North Dakota voters in particular have The Partridge Family matriarch Shirley ranked as their favorite, while Utah prefers Caroline Ingalls of Little House on the Prairie.

The Southwest

Morticia Addams of The Addams Family is the #1 mom of the Southwestern US, though Oklahoma dissents, favoring Home Improvement’s Jill Taylor.